Smart fields are useful when writers of a document are only allowed to modify certain words but not the whole text. You can therefore add them to all fixed texts and selection options where the writers cannot change the rest of the text.

A smart field is a field where you enter a term that appears in several places in the template/document. These are often short terms or words. 

  • Name of smart field: "Year of study". 
  • What users enter in the document: the year of study for which the document is used. (e.g. "2020/2021") 
  • At each place in the document where the smart field "Study year" is placed, the filled-in study year ("2020/2021") will now automatically appear.  

A certain term (e.g. the year of study, name of the program, or number of ECTs) can appear in several places in the document, and with the help of the smart fields, writers only have to fill in the term once and at each place where this smart field is placed in the template, the filled-in text (in this case the academic year "2020/2021") will appear automatically. 

Here you can use any help text that is only visible to the writers. This help text is not visible in the published document. 

With this help text, you can explain what the writers of the document have to fill in in the element (in this case the free text). You can make the help text as long as you want.

To add a smart field do as follows:

1. Click in the bar on the following icon

2. For a new smart field you can start by entering the title of the smart field. Because the smart field does not yet exist, you will be given the option to create a new smart field by clicking on `Create input field <name>`. While typing the name of the smart field, already existing smart fields will appear in the menu.

3. You can then add an auxiliary text here if needed and then press the green cross to create and insert the smart field into the text.

4. The smart field is created and inserted into the text.

5. After creating the smart field, it is possible to modify the help text by clicking on the smart field and clicking on the pencil.