Choice  list element

The choice list element is used to allow writers to choose from several options. These can be single choices or multiple choices. It is possible to use smart fields in the choice list.

In addition, there is the possibility to make the drop-down list optional, which means that writers are not required to fill in the drop-down list. There is also the option to indicate for each choice whether the text is editable or not for the document writers.

To add a choice list element, hover over the element where you want to add it and click on 'Option list '.

Below this text, we see an example of a drop-down list with 5 options. 3 Fixed options, 1 customizable option (this can be set at the three dots on the right), and an option 'Not applicable'. The last option is automatically entered because the entire element is optional: 'Fill in optional'.

This is what the drop-down list looks like from within the document. A choice can be made from the options and the element must be checked off right by clicking on the bullet. See the picture under this text.