Special Smart Fields 

To ensure more consistency in the smart fields, there is the possibility to set that only certain texts can be entered here. The smart field works the same as a standard smart field and can therefore be entered with fixed texts but also with selection options. In this manual, we will explain which smart fields there are and how to set them up in your template.

1. Click on the symbol for creating a fill-in-the-blank field.

2. Type the name of the smart field and select "Create smart field".

3. Then choose smart Field Type between the following options:

    - Date: Here the writer only has the option to enter a date (DD - MM - YYYY)

    - Email: This field allows the writer to enter an email address

    - Number: Here the writer has to fill in a number. No letters can be entered here (4.1 can, 4.a cannot)

    - Single choice: Here the writer has to choose from one of the options set up in the template. To do this, you fill in each answer possibility in the open field. Make sure that each answer is on a new line. See also the attached screenshot

4. Click on the checkmark to save the field.

The video below here will show you more information:

Screenshot for single choice: