It is common that documents need complex tables or other attachments that do not fit within the chapters. For this purpose, we have developed attachments. By using PDF as a standard, we provide users with the maximum flexibility to easily add complex tables, figures, and other items. With attachments, it is possible to add PDF files of one or more pages to documents.

Types of attachments

There are 3 types of attachments within OER Write:

  1. Fixed attachments: these are added at the template level and are the same for each document.
  2. Writer-uploaded attachments: these attachments are mandatory for all documents, but are added by the writers of the documents.
  3. Free attachments: these optional attachments can be added by writers themselves to a document.

Uploading a writer's attachment

In the chapter navigation (at the bottom) click on the writer upload attachment. You are now taken to the attachment page where you can upload an attachment using the green 'Add' button.

Add a free attachment

In a document where you are a writer, click on '+ Add attachment' on the left below the chapter navigation. From there you can name the attachment and upload a PDF file.